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Příbramská strojírna a slévárna
TypeJoint-stock company

Příbramská strojírna a slévárna was a Czech automobile manufacturer, a successor to the Stelka.[1][2]


The company was founded in Příbram. It started producing automobiles in 1924 under the brand name, ASPA. Production ended in 1929.


The first model was powered by the four-cylinder engine of the Ford Model T.[1] Another model, referred to as Type B 5/15 HP,[3] 5/14 HP[1] or Type B[2] depending on the source, had a water-cooled four-cylinder engine with 1327cc displacement and an output of 15 hp. The engine had OHV valve timing, magneto ignition, a Bosch starter and a four-speed gearbox. The engine drove the rear wheels and weighted 650 kg. The open four-seater had only one door. 40 examples of this model were produced. Delivery vans and ambulances were also offered.[1][2]

In 1926, the M 7/24 HP was introduced. Powered by a four-cylinder engine with 75 mm bore and 110 mm stroke and a displacement of 1944cc.[3]

In 1933, 30 passenger cars, 4 vans, 1 bus and 1 ambulance of this manufacturer were registered in Czechoslovakia.[3]


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