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Meaninga pure heart
Region of originJapan
Other names
Related namesReiji

Renji (廉侍) is a masculine Japanese given name.

Possible writings[edit]

Renji can be written in Hiragana as レンジ. In Kanji, it can be alternatively rendered as;

  • 廉侍 "a pure heart, samurai."
  • 蓮司 "lotus, preside over."
  • 蓮治 "lotus, govern."
  • 蓮慈 "lotus, be affectionate."
  • 廉二 "a pure heart, two."
  • 廉司 "a pure heart, preside over."
  • 恋司 "love, preside over."
  • 廉士 "a pure heart, samurai."
  • 廉慈 "a pure heart, be affectionate."
  • 廉次 "a pure heart, next."
  • 廉治 "a pure heart, govern."
  • 廉示 "a pure heart, shows."
  • 怜仁 "clever, benevolence."
  • 恋士 "love, samurai."
  • 恋次 "love, next."
  • 恋治 "love, govern."
  • 漣二 "ripple, two."
  • 漣司 "ripple, preside over."
  • 漣璽 "ripple, emperor's seal."
  • 練時 "practice, time."
  • 蓮二 "lotus, two."
  • 蓮侍 "lotus, samurai."
  • 蓮史 "lotus, history."
  • 蓮地 "lotus, ground." 
  • 蓮士 "lotus, samurai." 
  • 蓮弐 "lotus, two." 
  • 蓮志 "lotus, aspire." 
  • 蓮次 "lotus, next." 
  • 連路 "communicating, a road."

People with the name[edit]

  • Renji Matsui (松井 蓮之, born 27 February 2000) a Japanese soccer player.
  • Renji Ishibashi (石橋 蓮司, born Renji Ishida (石田 蓮司, Ishida Renji, born August 9, 1941) is a Japanese actor.
  • Renji Panicker (born 23 September 1960) is an Indian actor.


Renji may refer to:

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Renji Kamiyama, a fictional character in the Yakuza video game series.
  • Renji Yomo, a fictional character in the anime and manga series Tokyo Ghoul