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Does this really deserve an article? I can't see how hakata-men is any more than a popular regional variation of tonkotsu ramen. I don't see how hakata-men is any more important than, say, sapporo ramen. Talking about hakata/fukuoka as the "capital" of ramen may be relevant, but hakata-men hardly seems worthy of an article.-Zubari 13:48, 2004 Dec 12 (UTC)

This should be merged with the ramen page so that everyone can learn how great hakata ramen, the restaurant and the noodle, is in Los Angeles. I should get paid for this kind of advertising.

What does "tonkotsu" mean here?[edit]

I thought a tonkotsu was a Japanese tobacco-box. Equinox 14:03, 5 February 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]