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gp28helen: I guess it's the correct page for discussion.

gp28helen: Where can I find the first publishing date of Sun Daily? I cannot find the history of it.

gp28joanna:Can we put the logo of the Sun Daily on this page?

gp28joanna:Does anyone find any special about Sun Daily?I don't have any idea.

gp28joanna:Can I just type chinese in the page?As I have some difficulties in translating some English vocabulary.

gp28joanna:Who own the Sun Daily?Is he/she the owner of the Oriental Daily?

gp28joanna:Can I say that it is the cheapest paid newspaper among local newspapers?

Is it realy the cheapest? There are papaers given away for free in the metro, I read yesterday. -- JeLuF 05:46, 24 Oct 2003 (UTC)

Maybe that's true, 'cause it states it's the cheapest local newspaper . But i guess these is a free one: Metropolis Daily. ("Note that it is free of charge, so many people would like to get it.") --FallingInLoveWithPitoc 06:04, 24 Oct 2003 (UTC)
I don't think it's appropriate to present only Chinese characters without giving out their romanization.(because I believe that make no sense to English readers) If they are the names of someone, you can present them in Cantonese Pinyin. Well, you can of course say that's the cheapest paid newpaper among local newspapers if that's true! Besides, I advise to leave the newest message at the bottom of the page. --FallingInLoveWithPitoc 17:37, 24 Oct 2003 (UTC)

gp28joanna:thanks for your advice! Do we need to mention any division of labour of the Sun Daily? eg.number of writers, reporters.....

go28joanna:As the Sun Daily has just a short history, what should we add more to enrich our page?

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